Reverend Marco Arechiga

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico. I lived there during my childhood then moved to the United States where I lived and studied for 12 years where I obtained my professional degree in Marketing and Business.

I became a Non-Denominational Minister mainly because I noticed that every time I did a classroom lecture or a business seminar, people felt at ease. Combined with the strong family and religious values I have been taught throughout my life, becoming a Minister was a must.

I am blessed for the life I was given; I have been married for 21 years and I’m also the father of two amazing daughters. My stand on marriage is very strong and when I have the opportunity to talk about it, I honestly can say many beautiful things.

Being able to travel the world and get to know and admire many different people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, has given me a broader perspective for life itself. A beautiful wedding ceremony is one where you can laugh, cry and remember for life.

Reverend Jorge Arechiga

I am the youngest of my family and just like my brother Marco, I was also born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico and I had the same upbringing, but my professional education was aimed towards the Hospitality and Administration area.

Most people wonder why I became a Non-Denominational Minister just like my brother, and the answer is quite simple… Once you know you have it in you, then you need to make good use of all the gifts that are granted to you.

I am 100% people’s person. I love to meet new couples and make friends for life. The satisfaction I get is to see laughter and tears in the same ceremony. And just like anything else in life, a wedding ceremony should reflect it all.

My background is as exciting as my brother and we both share the same principles and goals in life. Destination weddings are so much fun and I can help you create the best wedding ever!